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Hi Everyone,

Yes, I know 1.12 is out, but we can’t upgrade the server just yet. We have a lot of software like the anti-cussing software and the anti-hack software and the anti-griefing software that must be updated to 1.12 before we can upgrade the server. Once these software tools are updated, then we’ll move the server to 1.12.

When we’re on 1.12, we’ll be releasing a new survival world. The current 1.11 survival world has been having some problems, with corrupt chunks disappearing and glitching the server. I hope this survival world stays functional while we wait for the upgrade to 1.12. As worlds get bigger and bigger, they start to become a little unstable. It is my hope we’ll make it to 1.12 without the current survival world crashing . . . so far, so good.

When we release the new survival world, there will be some new features for you to see. Most of you will be excited about the Shopping Mall, this will be a super flat world where you can create a shop for trading goods. If you want a shop in the shopping mall, you must pay a monthly rent (in Minecraft, not real money) that will be equivalent to mining some blocks of iron and selling the iron ingots in the shop to have enough money in your Minecraft balance. If you don’t pay your balance every month, your shop will be erased. This will stop people from getting a plot in the shopping mall, then never coming back like on the creative plots server. I think we’re going to see some really incredible creative builds in the shopping mall with lots of trading going on . . . it’s gonna be exciting!

I’ll post a new message when 1.12 is up and running. While you’re waiting, maybe you can go get a good book to read . . . do you know anyone that writes any books? (Mission to the Moon is now available on Amazon!)