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Hi Everyone,

As many of you may have heard, we are releasing a new survival world. This one will have all of the new features in version 1.12 and should be exciting. I encourage everyone to use this server as we have been having problems with the old survival world. Many chunks have been getting corrupted, which is something that happens to old survival worlds with the world file gets as large as this one. It is too big to make available for download, and I’m betting, this survival world will soon crash and cannot be recovered.

Soon, the shopping mall will be open so you can put a shop on the street to sell your wares . . . just remember to keep paying the rent or your shop will disappear; don’t waste your time getting a shop if you are not going to keep your balance up by selling iron or selling diamonds in the shops. There are lots a ways to generate funds so you can keep your store, just go through the server portal to see what items can be sold.

Play nice, have fun, help each other and watch out for creepers.


Mark (Monkeypants_271)