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Here are some images that I took from the DireWolf20 modpack, using the Curse Client to play around with modded Minecraft. Below are some instructions to help you see the fantastic world of modded Minecraft. Be sure to check out DireWolf20’s videos on YouTube, especially the mod spotlights on the Twilight Forest and MystCraft, they’re great!

When I play mods, I like to use mod installers like Feed-the-Beast, sometimes referred to as FTB, or the Curse Client.  These mod installers will load various modpacks into the correct versions of Minecraft, making them much easier to play. In the past, I’ve had difficulties finding mods that would work with my version of Minecraft, and it’s always important to be extra cautious about which mods you use and where they are coming from, as they could have viruses inside them or could cause instabilities in computer performance. As a result, I now only use FTB or the Curse Client, both of which come with mods that have been already screened. I’ve found this to be a much better way to play and experiment with mods.

Keep in mind, when you are playing modded Minecraft,  you’ll be running many mods, simultaneously. These mods have been tested for compatibility with each other and should function properly, but some of the modpacks will cause your Minecraft to crash unexpectedly. I’ve found that I like using the Direwolf20 modpack, and I’ve had very few crashes when using it. However, there are a lot of mods in that modpack, and it strains my computer a lot! I get lag issues because my computer is old, and that can be frustrating for me sometimes. But the modpack is so incredible that I’m willing to put up with a bit of lag. Wait until you go to the Ur-ghast’s castle and see how incredible it is; you’ll forgive a little lag in exchange for a great gaming experience.

To download Feed-the-Beast or the Curse Client, first talk with your parents and tell them what you are doing. These programs might cause problems on your computer and may cause difficulties for others, so always get your parents’ permission beforehand.

(When I downloaded FTB, even I called my mom first and asked her permission. She’s eighty years old, and she said “Mine-what?” I took that as her agreement)

Certainly, the safest way to see the things I was writing about is to go to YouTube—again, only with your parents’ permission—and watch some of the mod showcase videos from Direwolf20. He has a great mod showcase on the Twilight Forest that is definitely worth watching.

You may need to make an account on or, so ask your parents first. I went to and downloaded it from that site. You can also find it at, but anywhere else is risky.

You can find instructions on how to install FTB on their wiki page,, or There are also numerous videos on YouTube that show how to load FTB and how to install modpacks. There are many great resources there to help you install this software successfully, if you do your research and are careful.

Be sure to check out the DireWolf20 modpack. I think the Twilight Forest mod is the coolest thing out there in the Minecraft universe!

Enjoy and watch out for creepers.

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Terrors of the Forest

Twilight Forest mod

Monsters in the Mist

MystCraft mod

Mission to the Moon

GalactiCraft mod