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I’ve established these rules for the server so that everyone can have fun, be treated with respect, and we can have a safe place for kids of all ages to create incredible constructions, battle zombies, stare at endermen and explore The End.

Main Goal: The main goal of the Gameknight999 Minecraft Network is for all of us to be able to play Minecraft together and have fun. I love Minecraft, and of course I love writing about Minecraft, but more importantly, I love playing Minecraft with all of you. But the only way we can do this, with the server growing larger and larger, is to have some rules for everyone to follow.

Skype/Discord: Please be aware, there are Skype and Discord sessions claiming to be a part of the Gameknight999 Minecraft Network. This is completely false. These Skype/Discord accounts are not associated with the Gameknight999 Minecraft Network and do not represent the server in any way. The comments expressed on ANY Skype/Discord session does not represent the views of the Gameknight999 Minecraft Network nor do they represent the views of the Gameknight999 Minecraft-inspired novels or their author. These are unofficial entities that exist on their own and are not part of this server!

If you type /rules on the server, you’ll see this:

Rule 1: No Swearing or spamming or cheating or hacking

Rule 2: No Griefing, even if it’s not claimed

Rule 3: Be respectful, even if you disagree

Rule 4: No asking for: Gamemode, OP, Rank, Permission, Items

Rule 5: No advertising in Chat of any kind

Rule 6: Keep the drama at a minimum

Rule 7: No Alt Accounts . . . use your own account!

Rule 8: No hacked client! Using hacks will get you banned!

Rule 9: One Strike and YOU’RE OUT!


Rules on the server may not be up to date. Always assume the rules on this web page are current and correct.

Let me go through these rules in detail:
1. Swearing: I have no tolerance for swearing. If people try to defeat the anti-swearing software by replacing letters with numbers or symbols, you will be permanently banned. This includes any racist language. There is no reason for swearing or racism on the server, and violators of this rule will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Keep it in mind, I see EVERYTHING you type, and I check the chats every morning, so please use appropriate language. If you see someone swearing, please submit a support ticket.

Spamming: Don’t do this. It makes it difficult for others to communicate and is disrespectful to everyone. The penalty will be a temporary mute on the first offenses, temporary ban on a second offense, and permanent ban on the third offense.

Cheating/hacking: If you are caught cheating, by using hacking software, you will be banned permanently. Optifine is NOT hacking software, and you will NOT be banned for using Optifine. Just because someone is really good in kitPVP or Survival Games, that does not mean they are hacking. If you see someone flying that shouldn’t be, or are in creative, or . . . please take a screen shot and submit it to me on the support ticket system.

2. Griefing: We have anti-griefing software on the server. Watch the video to see how to use it; it’s very important that you protect your claims. The video is here: That being said, if you destroy someone else’s creation, you will be temporarily banned, the length of the ban is up to the staff member. It doesn’t matter if things are claimed or not; if you grief them, you will be temp banned. On your second offense of griefing, you will be permanently banned, and your IP address will also be banned. I will not tolerate people destroying other people’s stuff. Please do not take things out of other people’s chests unless you have permission, that is stealing and is not OK.

Inspection Software: Please realize, we have software that lets us inspect a broken building, to see who did the greifing. It will show us who broke the blocks and when they did it. So please, don’t destroy other people’s creations, unless you goal is to be banned.

3. Be respectful: It is difficult for myself and the admins to keep everyone happy in all circumstances. Sometimes, an admin will discipline someone who is misbehaving. It may seem unnecessary or arbitrary to you, but likely it has been a reoccurring problem, and the offending player has been warned multiple times. If you see an admin mute or kick or a ban a player, it is a mistake for you to say that it’s unfair, because you don’t know what’s been going on prior to that single incident. If you think an admin is being unfair, you should send me a support ticket followed with a screenshot. I can check the chats and see what was said. It is rare that I disagree with an admin, but sometimes I do, and we discuss what has happened together, to find ways for all of us to work and play together. If you have a complaint about an admin, don’t be disrespectful and say mean or disrespectful things. Instead, continue to play the game, and send me a support ticket. There is no guarantee that I will undo the decision made by the admin just because you send in a complaint in the support ticket system. But yelling at the admin in the game is not a way to help the situation, it will only cause more problems. Be smart, be respectful, and use the support ticket system. If you are disrespectful to a staff member, you will be muted. If you do it again, you will be temporarily banned. If you continued to be disrespectful, you will be permanently banned.

4. No asking for Gamemode, OP, Rank, Permission, Items: The only reason why someone asks for Gamemode 1 or to be opped is because they want to grief. If you ask for these things, you will likely be permanently banned. Please do not ask to be staff. This is an invited position and we do it very rarely. Do not ask staff for items, we will not give them. You can use the /kit command and get lots of stuff. If you don’t know how to use the kits, ask someone and they will show you.

5. No Advertising: It is incredibly disrespectful to advertise for another server on my server. I’ve spent a lot of time and money to grow the server to the level it is at, and I don’t appreciate anyone trying to direct players away from this server. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play on other servers, just please do the advertising somewhere else. People advertising will be temporarily banned on the first offense and permanently banned on the second offense.

6. Keep Drama to a Minimum: If you are saying things to purposely make people upset, or if you are baiting people into arguments, or if you are just complaining constantly, these kinds of actions have an effect of increasing the drama on the server, and makes for an uncomfortable environment. If you having an argument, then send direct messages; don’t fill the chat with your arguments. If you are upset with another player, use a direct message. If you disagree with an admin, use a direct message. If you are angry at someone about something that happened in real life or on social media, use a direct message. All of these things are best aired through direct messages, and should always be done respectfully. Not everyone will agree, that’s real life. But we must all learn to get along so we can all have fun. If someone is consistently increasing the drama and making things tense, they will be warned, then muted, then temporarily banned, then permanently banned. I want everyone to have fun on this server, and will not let an individual ruin it for everyone.

7. One strike and you’re out: I think these rules are very clear. If you have any questions about them, please send me a support ticket or email me at I’m happy to answer any questions. But understand, when someone is banned from the server, they are NEVER unbanned. When I first started this server, I unbanned some players whom I had previously banned, and they misbehaved right away. I will not do that again. In the words of the famous poet, Maya Angelo, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

8. Do not build single block towers: I know it’s tempting because of all the blocks you have in the kits. But I am the one that must go around and get rid of them. I can inspect the blocks and see who built them and when they built it. There is not argument here; if you build a single block tower and I have to clean it up, then you will be temporarily banned. It’s OK if your single block tower is part of your house, or a parkour game, or part of some construction. But when you build a single block tower, just to look around, then use your pickaxe or axe or shovel, and dig it up when you’re done.

9. Clans: The Gameknight999 Minecraft Network is about inclusion . . . everyone is welcome. That attitude is extended to everyone that joins the server. In the past, clans or private clubs have appeared and went out of their way to either exclude others or were disrespectful to other groups. This will NOT be tolerated. Everyone is deserving of respect, and people that are disrespectful will the muted, then temp banned, then permanently banned from the server if they cannot be civil to their fellow Minecrafters. We must find a way to work together and play together. If you don’t like someone, go somewhere else. If someone is being disrespectful, tell a staff member, or submit a support ticket and I will look at what the player said and take appropriate action. Minecraft is a game, and it should be fun. You should be creating fantastic things and going on great adventures; you should not be calling other people names because they claim to be part of another organization. So let me be clear: ORGANIZATIONS AND CLANS ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE! We do not exclude people from the Gameknight999 Minecraft Network who are kind and behave and place nice. Please, please please . . . have fun and play nice!

If you have any questions about these rules, please submit a support ticket. Now let’s back to enjoying some Minecraft!

— Mark Cheverton (Monkeypants_271)