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Meet Our Server Staff


(Mark Cheverton)

rank: Author

Mark is the author of the Gameknight999 series of books based on Minecraft. He started this server many years ago with his son, Gameknight999. Their server was a small thing that could only support a few people at a time before it lagged out. After getting griefed multiple times, Mark found quadbamber. With quad’s incredible knowledge and expertise with Minecraft servers and plugins, the Gameknight999 Network became reality. You can see information about Mark’s books by clicking on the Minecraft Books tab above.




(Joe or quad)

rank: Developer and Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Joe is a Minecraft server ninja. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Minecraft servers, plugins, bungee…the wealth of information he has about everything Minecraft has taken the Gameknight999 server from a small, laggy, glitchy thing that crashed all the time, to the massive Gameknight999 Network that now encompasses 11 servers and is growing every day. He is always happy to help if he isn’t on the server developing new software or implementing some new plugin. If you see him, say hi and challenge him to a game of paintball…but be prepared, he’s a good shot and you will lose.


Rank: Overlord

Gameknight999 is the son of Monkeypants_271 and the star of the Gameknight999 Minecraft books (what a surprise). He is a redstone expert and if you have questions about how to build something with pistons and pressure plates and dispensers, you should ask him. If you are brave enough, you should try to get past the redstone security system he build on his house in the survival world…you won’t survive.






Rank: Overlord

TheLetsPlayMates is Gameknight’s friend and they have been playing Minecraft together for years. He met Gameknight999 on the school bus one morning, when they were comparing Minecraft ideas. Since them, they have built hundreds of things together, built numerous mob grinders and redstone contraptions. Ask to see some of the stuff TheLetsPlayMates has built on the Survival server, you will be impressed…especially the swirly blocks of doom at -2034, 65, -4881.



Rank: Admin

Snoopygirl11 was one of the first people to come to Gameknight999’s server after quadbamber made it stable. She is a great person to have on the server for she gets people to play together as a group rather than as individuals…which is fantastic. That attitude has continued to percolate through the server, with people on the Hardcore server and the Survival server building communities instead of just a bunch of individual, isolated homes. If you need help, ask Snoopy.



Rank: Admin

Harry is quad’s brother and has been a great asset to the Gameknight999 Network. He helped the builders with the epic castle on the Hardcore server as well as helped build some mob grinders and other contraptions. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Minecraft and can give advise or help in building contraptions or monster traps. But like his brother, don’t challenge him to a game of paintball…unless you want to be destroyed.


Rank: Admin

Pracso has been on the Gameknight999 server since we started it a few years ago. Even before being invited to be staff, Pracso was always willing to help others, solve disputes and make the server a better place. He can always be relied upon to help and is an asset to have as staff on our server.



Rank: Trainee

Crafter5342 has been on the Gameknight999 server for a while now. He’s just recently been added to the staff as a Trainee. Please feel free to ask him for help.

Trainee Mods



Rank: Builder

Arp came to the Gameknight999 Network through quadbamber. He is friends with quad and was recommended to be a builder for the servers. He was a big part of spawn on the Hardcore server with the help of others. By the look of his work, clearly he is an expert builder. Wait until you see his seaside shipping village and castle on the hill…it’s epic. Soon, it will be placed somewhere on one of the servers, but we won’t tell you where it is. You’ll just have to find it, then tell others where it is. We can’t wait to see what Arp97 will build next.


Rank: Builder

Mr_man12 came to the Gameknight999 Network at the same time as Arp97. Mr_man12 is a building ninja and worked really hard on the spawn on the Hardcore server. His work on the seaside village is incredible, and you’ll spend a lot of time just exploring everything he’s build. If you haven’t explored all the rooms in the Hardcore castle, you should. We’re all looking forward to see what’s next!



Info coming soon!